It is an internal marketplace where club members can buy and sell governance shares (GOPAR) of the various NACs. This market offers players and club members an opportunity to invest in businesses associated with the club, acquiring a share of its governance and thereby benefiting from the growth and success of these businesses.

Market Operation

To participate in the Gopar market, club members must follow the following steps:

1.- Access the club's platform, where they will find a list of NACs with their respective GOPAR shares available for purchase.

2.- Browse the GOPAR share offers for sale, which will be sorted by price from lowest to highest. Interested parties will be able to view each NAC's information, including membership number and associated wallet, to evaluate investment opportunities.

3.- When a club member wishes to purchase a GOPAR share, he/she should send a purchase offer to the email address provided for this purpose. These purchase offers will also be displayed on the NAC page.

4.- The club's board of directors will be responsible for cross-referencing buy and sell orders when a match is found. For each transaction made in the GOPAR market, a commission of 2% of the sale price must be paid, which will go to a fund that will be distributed quarterly among all CR60 token holders.

Through the GOPAR market, club members can diversify their investments and support NACs, thus contributing to the growth and success of the platform and associated businesses.